Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Dept Chair

Dr. Roma Stovall Hanks

Department Chair  
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Sunnilee Chafin
Secretary V 
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Gracie Overstreet
Secretary IV 
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Dr. Nicole T. Carr

Dr. Nicole Carr
Professor of Sociology and Associate Vice President, Student Academic Success

Research:  Gender, Crime and Delinquency, Social Inequality

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6475 

Office: ASC1324

Phil Carr

Dr. Philip J. Carr
Professor of Anthropology and Director, Archaeology Museum

Research: Archaeological Method and Theory, Southeastern Native Americans, Cultural Resource Management, Museums

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 461-1948 

Office: HUMB13


Lesley A. Gregoricka

Dr. Lesley A. Gregoricka
Professor of Anthropology

Research: Bioarcheology, Stable Isotope Analysis, Residential Mobility, Paleodiet, Mortuary Archaeology, Social Organization, Identity, Near East, Arabia.

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6901 

Office: HUMB22

Laurie Haas

Ms. Laurie F. Haas
Instructor of Social Work and Field Coordinator of Social Work

Research:  Gerontology Aging Issues, Interprofessional Student Education

Curriculum Vitae 

(251) 460-6906 

Office: HUMB14

Dept. Chair

Dr. Roma S. Hanks
Professor of Sociology; Chair, Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work; Director, USA Programs in Gerontology and the Center for Generational Studies

Research:  Intergenerational Relationships; Lifecourse Transitions; Social Support; Health Disparities

Brief Biography

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6020 

Office: HUMB36

Kenneth Hudson

Dr. C. Kenneth Hudson
Professor of Sociology and Social Work
Interim BSW Program Director

Research:  Poverty, Social Stratification, Labor Markets

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6342 

Office: HUMB30

Douglas Marshall

Dr. Douglas A. Marshall
Dean, USA Honors College and
Professor of Sociology

Research: Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Rationality

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7077 

Office:  HUMB6

Hosik Min

Dr. Hosik Min
Associate Professor of Sociology and Gerontology and Associate Director, the Gerontology Program

Research: Health Disparities, Population Aging, and Mortality and Morbidity

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7677 


Dr. Leonard A. Mundy

Dr. Leonard A. Mundy
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Research: Gender & Sexuality 

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-7079 

Office: HUMB8

Dr. Erin Nelson

Dr. Erin Nelson
Associate Professor of Anthropology

Research: North American Archaeology, Native American Cultures of the Southeastern United States, Landscape Archaeology, Community and Identity, Ancient Foodways

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6187 

Office: HUMB19

Kimberly Pettway

Ms. Kimberly W. Pettway
Instructor of Social Work and Director, Center for Academic Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Research: Black Family Structure, the Perpetuation of Privilege and Inferiority in Human Services, HIV/AIDS transmission among heterosexual couples

Curriculum Vitae

(251) 460-6908 

Office: HUMB20

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. W. David Gartman
Professor of Sociology

Dr. David Johnson
Dr. G. David Johnson
Professor of Sociology

Dr. Mark A. Moberg

Dr. Mark A. Moberg
Professor of Anthropology



Dr. Gregory A. Waselkov
Professor of Anthropology

Curriculum Vitae