Advice from the Advisor

From the Advisor's Desk:

When Deciding on a College...

  • Consider the cost of attending. In-state tuition is normally the best value.
  • Be critical of your location. How much distance can you handle between you and your family? This is important as it can affect your academic success.
  • Consider all the majors and programs offered at a university, so you can find your perfect fit!
  • Determine the culture of the college, and whether or not the campus offers a welcoming environment.
  • Class size is also important! Determine whether or not you can handle class sizes that are large, as well as small.
  • Are you a social person? Make sure that you choose a school that allows you the ability to participate in clubs and organizations.


Advisor Tips

  • Activate your jagmail and monitor it often. Your jagmail is how the University corresponds with you, and if you do not check every day, you could miss something very important!  
  • Keep your options open. If you have the ability to take a higher level mathematics, do so.
  • Never assume, always ask. There are no silly questions! If you are unsure about something, reach out to your professor or your advisor for assistance.
  • Utilize your professor’s office hours. This will allow you to introduce yourself, and get a further understanding of their expectations.
  • Schedule an appointment with your advisor early and often.
  • Get help at the first sign of a struggle. If you do not do well on homework, quizzes, or test, get a Jag Pal, or schedule an appointment with a Success Coach. You can even discuss your concerns with your professor and get tips on how to do better the next time.
  • Go into college expecting a new experience. College and high school are not synonymous, so do not expect college courses to be similar.
  • College is about more than what you do in classes. Student organizations and other campus activities are great opportunities to build professional skills not covered in courses.

When preparing for appointments:

  • Make sure you schedule the appointment at a time that will allow you to be prompt. We have a lot of information to go over with limited time.
  • Ask questions about curriculum within majors, graduation timeframes, job outlook, as well as any GPA requirements.
  • If undecided, be willing to discuss areas of interest and disinterest. This will allow us to provide you with information that will be beneficial as you decide on a major.
  • Ask information about campus resources before they are needed. This includes Academic Success, Counseling and Testing Services, Career Development, scholarship opportunities, and etc.
  • We have had many of the same struggles you are having and are not here to judge you. If you do not let us know you are having difficulties, we will not be able to help you find the many resources available on campus for all students.
  • Remember, your advisor is your friend and we want to help you!