Explore Majors

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To learn more about how to explore majors at South, please review the tabs below. If you would like to discuss your interests, please schedule a meeting with your academic advisor through Navigate South


Degree Works allows you to see your degree program and how coursework is currently being applied. It also allows you to check degree progress, plan future courses, and review course history. Degree Works also allows you to run "what if" scenarios to see how changing the current academic program (adding/deleting/changing majors, minors, etc.) will affect degree progress. Other tools include an educational planner, GPA calculators, and much more. 

To access Degree Works, 

  1. Go to the Student Login Page
  2. Select PAWS
  3. Login using your Jag Number and JagMail password
  4. Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
  5. Select Student Records
  6. Select Degree Audit (Evaluation)

You will be taken to your Degree Works. Always check the listed major to ensure you are reviewing the correct degree requirements. If you have any questions about Degree Works, please contact your advisor.

Focus2 is a self-paced, online career and educational planning tool that can assist you in making important decisions like choosing an academic major or career. This online assessment is designed to help you discover and explore career options and major areas of study that match your interests, personality, values and skills. Academic advisors recommend taking the Focus2 if you are exploring different majors or want to learn more about different career fields. 

To access the Focus2, 

  1. Visit South's website
  2. In the top right corner, select the search icon.
  3. Type Focus2 and select the first search result.
  4. Below How to Set Up Your Focus2 Account, select the image labeled "Focus™2."
  5. If you have not previously created an account, select Register.
    Type the access code (jaguar) and fill in all personal details.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Fill in security questions information and select Submit.

Major Guides answer questions that students may have about undergraduate educational opportunities and requirements for specific majors. Information about each program includes a descriptive definition, career opportunities, salary trends in certain areas, high school preparation, requirements for the program at South Alabama, and a sample four-year degree plan.

 To access Major Guides,

  1. Go to Academic Advising & Transfer Services' website
  2. Select Major Guides in the left navigation bar

To view a major's sample four-year plan, 

  1. Select the college of the major (For example, select College of Arts and Sciences)
  2. Select the desired major (For example, select Criminal Justice)
  3. Find the title "Academic Plan"
  4. Under "Academic Plan," select For additional degree information, click here.

The University Bulletin contains important information about the following:

To access the University Bulletin from the main website,

  1. Select Students
  2. Once a drop down menu appears, select Bulletin