Placement Information - Foreign Language

Language Study and the Language Placement Test at USA


The University of South Alabama requires that all students pursuing a B.A. or B.S. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences complete two semesters of a foreign language. Although language study is not required for students in other colleges, all students are strongly encouraged to study a foreign language.

The Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature recommends that all students with prior language training (in high school or through other means) complete a placement test if they intend to continue studying a foreign language at the University of South Alabama. The purpose of testing is diagnostic: it assesses students' current language abilities in order to match them to the course most suitable for that level.

Please note:

-The placement test is only available for French, German, and Spanish and should be taken online prior to the beginning of the semester.

-The cost is $20 and a student can save money by placing out of any level of a language.

-Taking a placement test and placing out of the first year of any language does not fulfill the Arts and Sciences Language Requirement.

-Should a student place out of any semester of a language, they must complete the next semester in the sequence with a grade of ‘C’ or better to receive credit for any previous semesters. For example, if a student places into LG 231 they must pass that course with a grade of ‘C’ or better to receive credit for LG 131 and 132. That equals 9 credit hours for the price of 3.

-If a student has no prior experience with the language, there is no need to take a placement test. Enroll in the first semester of the first-year sequence.

-If a student has even minimal experience with the language and believes they should start at the very beginning, they should still consider taking the placement test as it can be a great benefit to the student. Should a student place out of any class, it is an opportunity to save money and receive credit.

-Students can access the assessment through this online store. Click (!/University-of-South-Alabama/c/18738399/offset=0&sort=normal) to access the assessment. Please, be sure to select USA and the appropriate language.

-Once you purchase the assessment, you will need to send a copy of your e-receipt to with “Language Placement Exam” as the subject line to receive a test code. Be sure to send the email from your JagMail account and to include your legal name and J# in the body of the email. The testing administrator in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages and Literature will respond within 72 hours.