What can I expect in the first week?

A group of USA Students with Jag gear on.

Becoming a Jaguar

The University of South Alabama has a vivid and rich campus culture that is waiting for you! There are a ton of opportunities to get involved, beginning at the Campus Fair during orientation. There, you will meet student organizations that you can join. We have a wide variety of clubs and organizations, catering to anyone's needs! If there is something you are interested in, but we do not have a club for it, you can create your own!

Your First Week of Classes

The first week of class is one of the most important, as it allows you the opportunity to begin on the right foot in regards to your higher education experience. Here are some tips to make your first week go smoothly:

  • Locate your classes ahead of time.
    • On your schedule, you will find the location of your classes. Knowing where you need to be will help you feel more confident. If you are confused, stop into any department or advising office for assistance.
  • Be prepared for class!
    • Yes, even in the first week it is important to bring your books to class and and be ready for any required readings. Paper, pencils, pens, and (if necessary) a calculator are highly encouraged too!
  • Attend the first day of class.
    • The first day of class is more than just "syllabus day;" it is a great time to meet your professor, as well as understand what is expected. In some lab classes, if you miss the first day, you are not allowed to continue in the course.
  • (In Fall) Be sure to attend Convocation!
    • Convocation is always held the day before classes begin in Fall. This is a wonderful opportunity to get ready for classes by participating in a dynamic presentation, attending a campus tour, and more!
  • (In Fall) Make use of the Welcome Kiosks!
    • During the first week of classes, USA has Welcome Kiosks around campus. These are staffed by faculty, staff, administration, and students for the sole purpose of answering any questions you may have. Unsure where to go? What does that abbreviation mean? Where is Laidlaw? We will be happy to answer any and all questions!