Circulation Department

The Baugh Biomedical Library Circulation Department is located on the first floor as you enter the library. Although the Biomedical Library serves primarily the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health, and the Harrison School of Pharmacy, all students and faculty of USA, as well as the members of the community are welcome. 

Services include: assistance in locating library materials and printing, checking out library materials, providing study room keys to medical, nursing, allied health and pharmacy students, confidentially managing patron records, and assisting patrons with various other needs.

The Circulation Department also provides access to the Veterans Room (The Bunker) to all Jag Vet students, regardless of major.


Intellectual Freedom Statement 

Frequently Asked Questions

▼   How long can you check out books/materials from the library?

Most books may be checked out for a 14-day period, with two 14-day renewals. Other materials have differing loan periods, depending on the item.

▼   What is your food and drink policy?

Food and drink is allowed in the Biomedical Library study areas and in the breakroom on the first floor. 

If you order a food delivery, you must be present in the library lobby to accept delivery. The Circulation Desk will not be able to accept or hold your order for you.

The Biomedical Library enjoys providing a comfortable and inviting study atmosphere for our library users while also protecting the Library’s collections, equipment, and furnishings. We ask that you endeavor to use drink containers with lids to minimize damage to library resources and facilities. Please dispose of any food and drink related trash in the provided trash receptacles, and please report any spills to library staff immediately so they can be cleaned as soon as possible. Your cooperation with these guidelines will also ensure the full use and enjoyment of our resources and facilities for all current and future users.

▼   Who can check out a study room?

Only students of the Colleges of Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Professions or Pharmacy are permitted to check out study rooms at the Biomedical Library. 

Jag Vets who are not in one of the aforementioned schools cannot check out study rooms, but do have access to the Veteran's Room (The Bunker)

▼   What are the study room policies?
  1. Study rooms are checked-out on an "as-available" basis and cannot be reserved.
  2. Individual study rooms may have only one person at a time and may be checked out for the entire day.
  3. Group rooms are available to groups of two or more students and may be checked out for one four-hour block per day. 
  4. Click here for the full list of policies.
▼   Can I reserve a meeting room?
Meeting rooms can be reserved in advance for group study, meetings, or video conferencing by contacting the circulation desk. The room can also be checked out as a regular group study room at the circulation desk if there are no current occupants or reservations. The meeting rooms are NOT available for ongoing University classes.
▼   Can I use the computers to print?
Anyone may use the computers to print. You will need a Trac Card and log-in to the print station computer (your USA Jag number and a password) to release your print job. If you are not a USA student, faculty or staff, you may create a guest printing account and borrow a Trac Card from the Circulation Desk to pay for your printing when it is complete.
▼   Can I use my Trac Card here even if I bought it somewhere else?
Yes, the Trac Cards work in all of the libraries' locations.
▼   Who can use the break room on the first floor?
All university students, faculty, and staff may use the break room.


Phone: (251) 460-7043

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