Student Appeal of Terminated Scholarship or Aid

Student appeals of terminated scholarships or aid are reviewed by the Scholarship and Aid Appeal Committee (“Committee”), comprised of campus faculty and professionals within the university areas of Financial Affairs and Administration, Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, and the College of Medicine. The Committee will review appeals to determine if extenuating circumstances prevented the appealing student (“Student”) from meeting scholarship or financial aid standards.

Committee members are aware of the rigors of university studies, and strive to review appeals for those students (“Students”) who, up until the extenuating event, demonstrated dedication to academic success at the institution. Submitting a completed appeal packet does not guarantee the success of the appeal.


▼   Appeal Requirements

The Scholarship and Aid Appeals Committee (“Committee”) reviews documented evidence of extenuating circumstance that may have impacted the Student’s academic performance or ability to satisfy the conditions set forth in his/her scholarship or aid agreement (“Agreement”). Extenuating circumstances are considered to be past events that no longer pose barriers to academic progress.

Examples of extenuating circumstances to be considered for appeal included:

  • Death of an immediate family member;

  • Significant trauma in student's life that impaired the Student's ability to meet the conditions of the Agreement;

  • Serious illness or injury to the Student* or immediate family member (parent, spouse, sibling, child) that required extended recovery time or, in the case of the family member, required extensive help from or other hardship on the student;

  • Other unexpected, documentable circumstances beyond the control of the Student. 

Note: Circumstances related to the typical adjustment to college life such as working while attending school, financial issues related to paying bills or car maintenance/travel to campus are not considered as extenuating for purposes of appealing termination of scholarship/aid. The appeal must also support how the student is now in a position to be academically successful.  

The appeal must include:

  • Student's Personal Statement indicating what caused the loss of the scholarship/aid AND what has changed that will allow the Student to meet the standards after the next semester. (Note: No information regarding specific illnesses or medical conditions should be submitted except for information related to how it/they contributed to the Student’s inability to satisfy the requirements of the scholarship/aid.)

  • Supporting Documentation to include any information, such as transcripts, evaluations, or letters from professionals, the student feels is important to this appeal.  (Note: No information regarding specific illnesses or medical conditions should be submitted except for information related to how it/they contributed to the Student's inability to satisfy the requirements of the scholarship/aid.)

  • A letter from the Student’s department or advisor indicating the progress made by the Student towards a degree, the number of credit hours and specific courses needed to complete the degree, and expected graduation date.

Please note misrepresenting or furnishing false information to the University is a direct violation of the Student Code of Conduct. 

*Appeals relating to illness or injury of the Student should be reported to the Center for Educational Accessibility & Disability Resources for initial review and approval. The Scholarship Appeals Committee is unable to accept medical documentation.

▼   Appeal Process
  • The scheduled Committee meetings will take place at least once per Fall and Spring term of each academic year. The Scholarship Appeal Subcommittee (“Subcommittee”), a subcommittee of the Committee appointed by the chair of the Committee (“Chair”), will meet as requested by the Chair to review the appeal materials submitted to the Committee to determine if the materials are complete and meet the requirements for the appeal process and report same to the Chair. Additional meetings of the Committee may be scheduled by the Chair as needed.

  • The Student will complete and submit the Scholarship and Financial Aid Appeal Form and supporting documentation to the Office of Scholarship Services within 10 business days from receipt of the written notice of the termination of his/her scholarship/aid. Incomplete appeal form/documentation will not be forwarded to or reviewed by the Committee

  • If a formal appeal hearing has been granted, the Chair (or designee) will communicate with the student making the appeal (“Student”) and the department from which aid or funds originated (“Department”), in writing, the timeline of the appeal process.

  • Prior to the Committee hearing, all supporting documentation will be available for review by both the Student and the Department. Separate meetings will be available to both the Student and the Department, to review key documents pertaining to the appeal, and issues that will be presented at the appeal hearing. These meetings must be scheduled with the Office of the Dean of Students and must be done no less than five (5) working days before the appeal hearing. Both Students and Departments will receive no less than 10 working days’ notice before an appeal hearing is scheduled.

  • The hearing shall be closed to everyone except the Committee, the Student, and the Department representative. No additional witnesses will be allowed.

  • The Student and the Department are responsible for presenting their own information – advisors are not permitted to attend the hearing. Any information that supporting parties would like to have presented must be submitted as supporting documentation with the original appeal form.

  • The Department will be provided 10 minutes to present information pertinent to the termination, or respond to any documentation provided. During this time the Committee may ask questions needed for clarification regarding the termination. The Student will not be allowed in the room during the Department’s presentation.

  • The Student will be provided 10 minutes to present his/her, and answer any questions needed for clarification of information presented as part of his/her appeal documentation. The Department will not be allowed in the room during the Student’s presentation.

  • For Students or Departments that are unable to meet in person (online students that are not currently in residence), another form of synchronous communication may be approved by the Chair. All Students are expected to participate (either online or in person) in the appeal hearing if one is deemed necessary by the Committee.

Click here to access the Scholarship and Financial Aid Appeal form 

▼   Committee Appeal Decision
  • The Committee will review all formal documentation and take time to discuss the information presented. The Committee may find it necessary to follow-up with either party, for additional clarifications after such deliberation prior to making a final decision.

  • Decisions of the Committee will be transmitted in writing to both the Student and the Department no later than 10 working days after the date of the appeal hearing.

  • All determinations made by the Committee, and approved by the Chair, are final.

  • All documentation will be maintained by the Office of Scholarship Services.  

A copy of all appeal and supporting documentation, as well as the final written determination, will be provided to the Office of Academic Affairs.

▼   Additional Guidelines

The rules and regulations in this document are subject to change.

The terms “notify in writing” mean email communication will be sent to the Student’s official University email and to the email on record of the representative for the Department.

Additional Committee or Subcommittee meetings may be scheduled by the Chair as needed.

The decision of the Committee is final, and no exceptions can be made for requests in violation of the Federal and State regulations which govern financial aid.