JagSPOT: Helping Jaguars find their SPOT

JagSPOT is USA's scholarship-matching tool for incoming admitted and current University of South Alabama students. 

This platform connects USA students to millions of dollars in scholarships and programming. Based on information submitted in your personalized profile, students will be able to review a customized list of scholarship opportunities that you qualify for and directly connect and submit online applications. Simply log in, complete your profile, and let the system do the searching. 





Safe and secure, the application process can be completed anywhere, anytime. Match with scholarships with a matter of minutes.



Upload your information like your resume or letter of recommendations only once. The platform applies your information and streamlines the process.



The platform guides you through a secure process, sending you alerts and communications to keep you on track towards scholarship success.

Applying for Scholarships is as Easy as 1, 2, 3...

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JagSPOT Logo
Log-in to JagSPOT and create your profile

Once accepted to USA, click the button above to log into JagSPOT using your student credentials - your Jag Number and your JagMail password. 
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Complete the General Scholarship Application

When you log into JagSPOT complete the General Scholarship Application to get  matched to potential scholarship opportunities.  You will then be provided with a list of scholarship applications that match your profile.
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Apply for scholarships and track your progress

Check the My Applications tab to see all of the applications you qualify for. While applying you can save your in-progress applications, and check on the status of your completed applications. 


▼   What is the JagSPOT platform?
JagSPOT is a scholarship matching tool that helps USA students find and apply for university scholarships. Students are matched with USA scholarship opportunities that meet their profile and allowed to review, apply and accept all in one place. 
▼   Why should I complete the JagSPOT Application?
JagSPOT is a one stop shop for all your scholarship needs. You can apply, review, research and accept scholarship aid worry free. All departments on campus uses this platform to post their scholarship opportunities. 
▼   Do I have to be a student at USA to access the portal?
Yes! You must be an admitted, incoming student or a current student at USA. 
▼   How can I access this portal?
Simply click on the link above or use the JagSPOT button in your Student Single Sign On dashboard. You will be asked to authenticate through either location using your student credentials - your Student ID# (your J#) and your student email password. 
▼   How should I start when I log into the portal?
You first need to complete the General Scholarship Application each year. This application is designed to match you with scholarships for which you are eligible. It is recommended that complete this each fall before reviewing your scholarship matches.
▼   How does the new JagSPOT platform work?
  • Students complete the General Scholarship Application to get matched to scholarship opportunities they are eligible for.
  • Students easily apply online to multiple scholarship opportunities through a personalized portal.
  • Students can track their application status online via the portal.
  • Students receive automated reminders about pending tasks and next steps.