JagSPOT Portal Instructions

With JagSPOT - USA's new Scholarship Program Opportunity Tracker – accessing, researching, applying, and accepting scholarships has never been easier. JagSPOT allows both incoming and current USA students access to their scholarship information, campus-wide, through one online system.

 Get Admitted


The first step in the scholarship process is to ensure you are fully admitted to the University. It’s important to understand you are competing against many students for limited scholarship dollars. Make sure your admission (new students) and status (existing students) is up to date. This will put you in the best position to be considered for awards.

For incoming students, be sure you have completed the checklist for Admissions. For questions about your Admissions status please contact the Office of Admissions.

For current students, as scholarship recommendations and matches are made based upon your major, concentration, and student status, please review your PAWS account and make sure your information is up to date.


Get Logged In


The next step in the process is to access the JagSPOT portal – USA’s Scholarship Program Opportunity Tracker. To do so you will need your JAG Number (Student ID) and your JagNet/JagMail password/credentials. Use your Jag Number, and JagMail credentials to log-in to the JagSPOT Portal.

JagSPOT Portal

New Freshman and new Transfer students should have received this information in their acceptance notification from the University. If you have lost your Admissions letter please contact the Office of Admissions to receive a duplicate.

Get Applied


Once you have accessed the system, review your ‘Applicant Record’ tab and verify your profile information is accurate. This includes information previously provided to USA such as ACT/SAT scores, transcripts, current GPA, and other information imported from your student record. Should you find inaccurate information, please contact the appropriate office for corrections and/or updates.

Next, complete your General Scholarship Application.  Keep in mind that these answers, combined with your ‘Applicant Record’ are what will be used to match you with potential scholarship opportunities.  Be sure to answer all questions as accurately as possible. Anything marked with an * is a required field.

Once your General Scholarship Application is complete you will be auto-matched with any opportunities that meet your profile information. Once these 'Recommended Opportunities' are added to your profile you will have the ability to complete any additional questions or supplemental requirements for each– all in one location.



Once the individual application deadlines close, students can track and monitor the progress of their open applications, as well as the progress of the scholarship award. Any notifications and communication with the student, including pending items and award notifications, will be made through the system. 

Students will only need to complete the General Scholarship Application once per year. All incoming students must complete the application process by December 1st to ensure consideration for the general and departmental scholarships. However, deadlines vary so get started today!

We also encourage you to explore all the scholarship opportunities available – which can be searched through our Scholarship Directory.