Art Exhibit Space

Artwork hanging in the Student Center by Bryan Braswell
Artwork hanging in the Student Center by Bryan Braswell


The University of South Alabama Student Center recognizes that art invokes thought, expression, and diversity. The Student Center has a dedicated exhibition space, in the upstairs lobby, to display such artwork. 

Bryan BraswellCurrently, this exhibition space is featuring a collection from Bryan Braswell entitled “I Met God, Did You Know She Was Black?” 

"I Met God, Did You Know She Was Black?" plays with the ideas of religious iconography, fame, spirituality, and pop art. The works evoke the divinity and sacredness of inspirational figures who educe emotions from their followers. The exhibit is at times an interplay of the profane and sacred calling upon viewers to make distinctions as to which is which. 

The Artist, Bryan Braswell, an alumnus of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, draws inspiration for his works from pop art, street art, and culture jamming. Mainly based in acrylics, Bryan seeks to bring vibrant and bold imagery to life using a sharp yet playful artistic style. Through his art, Bryan always seeks to evoke emotion and provoke thought from viewers.  

A’mere Bryant, president of the Theta Delta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated at USA, sat down with Bryan Braswell to discuss his artwork. Check out the interview.