Policies and Procedures

▼   General Facility Policies

All spaces in the Student Center will be under the supervision of the Associate Dean of Students.

Individuals on the premises of the Student Center may be required to provide identification at any time at the discretion of Student Center personnel or the University of South Alabama Police Department.

Spaces should be left in the same manner they are found at arrival. Please no staples, tape, or paint on any part of facility, fixtures, furnishings, or equipment. Please do not remove any furnishings or equipment from rooms or spaces.

The University of South Alabama and its colleges and subdivisions follow a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, religion, color, national origin, age, or genetic information in admission policies and practices, educational programs, activities, and employment practices according to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. The University of South Alabama does not discriminate in its student and employment practices in violation of any applicable laws. The University of South Alabama is an Equal Opportunity/Equal Access educational institution. The University of South Alabama does not discriminate on the basis of disability. No otherwise qualified person with a disability, solely on the basis of such disability, will be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination in the administration of any educational program or activity including admission or access thereto or in treatment or employment therein by the University of South Alabama.

▼   Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited in the University of South Alabama Student Center:

  • Tobacco products
  • E-cigarettes
  • Self-balancing motorized vehicles
  • Non-motorized vehicles
  • Animals (except service animals)
▼   Posting Policy

This policy applies to materials hung or affixed to University buildings or bulletin boards. It applies to the entire campus except when superseded by written policies of Housing and Residential Life, the Athletic Department, and the Student Center. Individuals authorized by the University to do so may remove materials posted that are not in accordance with this policy. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Associate Director of the Student Center.

  1. Reservation Process
    Reservations for all flyers, posters, and banners (with the above exceptions) should be made at the Student Center Information Desk located on the second floor. Groups or departments that have their own bulletin board do not need to make reservations for postings on their own board. All reserved flyers, posters and banners must bear the stamped reservation date of the Student Center Services Office except those utilized in spaces designated for a specific organization or department.
  2. Criteria
    Posters that announce meetings, programs, and special events sponsored by registered student organizations or academic departments will be permitted in all University buildings. All material must include: the name of the sponsoring group, individual or department and, if necessary, an English translation accompanying the material. Materials may not contain obscene language, drawings, or illustrations. Materials may not make any reference in print or graphics to alcohol. For fundraisers, all beneficiaries of the fund- raising effort must be specified in the promotional material.
  3. Guidelines
    Flyer: any paper not exceeding the size 8.5 by 11 inches. Poster: any paper not exceeding the size 24 x 17 inches.
      • All flyers/posters must be approved and stamped by the Student Center Information Desk.
      •  Up to 50 flyers/posters allowed for USA student organizations.
      • Up to 15 flyers/posters allowed for individuals or non-USA groups.
      • Not more than 1 flyer/poster per bulletin board.
      • Flyers and posters may be posted in the following building and locations:
        • Administration bldg: Bulletin board in basement. No flyers/posters on first floor.
        • Classroom bldgs: Approved bulletin boards
        • MCOB: Approved bulletin boards
        • HPELS: Approved bulletin boards
        • College of Medicine: student lounge bulletin board
        • Library: bulletin board in front lobby
        • Life Sciences: Approved boards on each floor
        • Humanities: in hallway joining two wings
        • USA Mail Hub: approved bulletin boards
        • Shelby Hall: approved bulletin boards
        • Student Recreation Center: must be approved by Director of Campus
        • Recreation
        • Student Center: Approved bulletin boards
        • Student Center Mall: Between two front doors
        • No flyers/posters are allowed on painted surfaces, outside of any building, doors, windows, or trees.
        • All sheet signs must be approved by Student Government Association
        • NO flyers/posters are permitted on vehicles

        If in doubt, please check with the appropriate building staff to determine acceptable locations.

        Exceptions may be made at specific buildings by the appropriate staff or administrative personnel.

        Items must not be hung in a manner which would obscure previously posted (and current) flyers.

        Materials may be posted until the event is completed or for a maximum of 30 days.

        The SC staff will remove posters on the last day of each month. All groups are encouraged to remove their own materials in a timely fashion and to remove other dated material when posting their own.

        Multi-date events may be posted for an entire semester, however, such posters will be taken down at the conclusion of each semester. Exceptions to time limitations may be made for posters promoting on-going programs that are hosted on campus.

        No posters are allowed on painted surfaces, the outside of any building, doors, glass, or trees. Exceptions may be made for location of flyers within a building IF the information pertains specifically to use of that building (i.e.: No Smoking, Hours, etc.). Special regulations governing student campaigns may be adopted by the SGA Election Committee.

        Failure to comply with the above rules may result in the suspension of poster privileges for offending organization(s) and/or individuals.

  4. Special Rules for Posting Banners in the Student Center
    These rules for posting in the Student Center apply to registered student organizations, academic and administrative departments. Organizations and departments wishing to hang banners must reserve a location with the Senior Associate Director of the Student Center located in RM 150. 

    Banners may only be hung from 2nd floor lobby rail and only. Banners may not exceed 3 feet in width and 10 feet in length. Student Center staff will take down banners exceeding these dimensions.
  5. Sheet Signs
    You must be given permission by SGA to put up a sheet sign. Sheet signs may be hung outdoors only, and can only be utilized to announce upcoming events of approved and registered USA student organizations, and academic departments, and by SGA election candidates for campaign purposes. Sheet signs advertising an event may be hung seven days prior to the specified event and must be removed within three days following the event. All other sheet signs may be posted for a maximum of 30 days.

    Each sheet sign must indicate the name of the associated University group or individual. Sheet signs must be hung between two trees, must be hung with biodegradable cord and may be placed anywhere on campus except the Mitchell Center and its grounds, Moulton Tower and Alumni Plaza, or within 200 yards of the perimeter of the campus. Except for University sponsored event signs, the sheet signs may be no larger than five feet by seven feet and must not obstruct or impair visibility related to roadways or the ingress and egress to a building or area of campus. A maximum of four sheet signs per event or SGA candidate will be allowed on campus at any given time. Any sheet signs that are not in full compliance with this policy are subject to removal and disposal without notice.
  6. Chalking
    Chalking is allowed only on natural gray concrete sidewalks and streets that are subject to being washed by the rain, and the chalk used must be washable. No chalking can occur on sidewalks or building entrances that are covered in any way, nor on any type of brick or concrete pavers. Chalking is not allowed on walls, doors, windows, trees or any vertical surfaces. Organizations or persons who violate this policy may be charged for time and materials to remove the chalk.
  7. Special Rules for Directional Signage
    Small directional signs (no larger than 18” x 24”) may be placed in outdoor grass areas within ten feet of roadways for events for which University space has been reserved when the majority of expected attendees are not members of the campus community. Directional signs must be placed the day of such event and removed at the conclusion of the event.
▼   Expressive Activity

The University of South Alabama recognizes and supports the rights of students, employees, and visitors to engage in expressive activities in a lawful manner on campus. The purpose of this policy is to promote the free exchange of ideas and the safe and efficient operation of the University. The primary missions of the University are to provide teaching, research, community service, and healthcare through on-going instructional programs, sponsored and conducted by a member of the faculty or department of the college or university, or an organization registered with the Student Activities Office. In balancing the rights of students, employees, and guests to speak on campus with the University’s need to preserve and protect its property, students, employees, and visitors, expressive activities may be subject to reasonable regulation with regard to the time, place, and manner, whether inside buildings or outside on campus grounds. University employees will not consider the content of expressive activities when enforcing this policy.

Within this policy “expressive activities” include:

  • Meetings and other group activities of registered USA student organizations;
  • Speeches, performances, demonstrations, rallies, vigils, and other similar events by students, employees, and visitors
  • Distribution of literature, such as leafleting and pamphleting; and
  • Any other expression protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Nothing in this policy is intended, nor should it be understood, as an endorsement or approval by the University of South Alabama of any speech or demonstration on campus beyond rights existing under federal law, state law or University regulations.

For the complete policy see pages 126-129 from the Lowdown.


Reservations and Events

▼   Reservations are available to:

Active Registered Student Organizations

Any active registered student organization at the University of South Alabama that has completed all the requirements for registration by the Student Activities Office.

University Departments

Any recognized university department, including any recognized departmental programs or committees.

External Groups

Any non-affiliated outside group, organization or individual that is not a registered department or student organization.

For external individual(s) or groups who would like to reserve space on the University of South Alabama campus, please note the following guidelines:

  • A formal USA sponsor must be designated before your reservation request can be confirmed.  Further information on sponsorship is listed below.
  • The Mitchell Center is a venue and does not fall under this policy.  Please see the Mitchell Center website for a full listing of their policies.
  • All events reserved by non-USA person(s) or groups held anywhere on University property must obtain general liability insurance.


A USA sponsor must agree to the below terms and conditions:

  1. They must be an active, recognized University of South Alabama student organization or a University of South Alabama academic or administrative department.
  2. One authorized representative is required to be present for any setup, event and tear down of the requested space.
  3. The sponsor agrees to be responsible for any unpaid costs or property damage associated with the event.  In the event a sponsor representative is unable to attend all of the functions of the event, the group's reservation will be canceled and they will no longer be allowed to use the space.  Ultimately, any unpaid costs and/or damages are the responsibility of the USA sponsor to obtain from the outside entity.  In the event of unpaid costs, future reservation requests from the Non-USA individual(s) or group will be denied.
  4. The University reserves the right to request additional information, approve or deny the reservation request at any time.  In addition to these overarching guidelines, individual buildings may have additional requirements.  

Additional charges may be applied to external groups when making reservations 


All requests for reservation of Student Center facility and services must be confirmed by Associate Director and are granted when a proposed activity meets the policies governing activities in the requested facility.

The schedule of meetings, events or programs does not suggest institutional endorsement or approval of the content of the activity.

Based upon information provided, organizations may be required to consult with their advisor or other University staff/faculty prior to space approval. However, space will not be denied to an organization if the content of the activity is:

  • In violation of federal, state or local laws
  • Contrary to Institutional Policy
  • Likely to provide substantial disruption to the educational mission of the University of South Alabama
▼   Deadlines

Reservation requests for the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), must be made two weeks prior to the events date(s) to be considered for approval.

If a requesting organization finds it will not be using the facility, an authorized representative must notify at least 5 business days in advance for major events and at least 2 business days in advance for minor events. Failure to do so may result in full rental charges or denial of future requests.

All changes in setups must be made within at least one business day I advance. Failure to do so may prohibit the necessary changes or results in extra charges

The requesting organization agrees to pay for services provided at the organization’s request. Contractual services are the responsibility of the requesting organization. As a condition of use, the Student Center may require the services of additional maintenance personnel, and/or USAPD at the cost of the requesting organization.

Payments are due one week prior to the day of the event for registered student organizations and external groups. Payments are due day off the event for University department reservations.

▼   Co-sponsoring and “Fronting”

The Student Center recognizes the importance and value of organizations working together in event planning. For the purpose of event reservations and billing however, only one organization may be considered the “sponsor” of the event. This organization’s representative will act as the planning liaison with the Student Center and that organization will be responsible for any charges, if necessary, associated with the reservation.

Reservations must be used for intended purposes only and may not be re-assigned to any other group or individual. It is not permissible for a registered student organization or university department to “front” for an external group or individual in order for the group or individual to receive a preferential rate. If this is found to have occurred, the campus sponsor will be held responsible for the entire bill, and charged at the appropriate external group fee.

▼   Mall Area

If using a Mall space, organizations must use only the designated space issued by Student Center Services and keep walkways free of obstructions.

Mall space reservations are permitted only to registered student organizations and University departments. Orgs and departments are only allowed 4 information table reservations at a time.

Music usage in the Mall area is permitted, but MUST contain clean lyrics and played at a maximum sound of 60 decibels. Music usage in the SGA courtyard is limited to the hours of 11AM-1PM, with a maximum sound of 80 decibels.

▼   Damages

Organizations and individuals will be fully responsible for payment of any damages that occur to the facilities or equipment caused by, or attributable to, that organization’s sponsored activity.

Future requests for reservation of Student Center facility may be denied and other sanctions if:

  • Failure to pay for damage incurred in the facility during the terms of occupancy
  • Failure to reimburse the Student Center for stipulated and required service
  • Misrepresentation of information requested
  • Members or guests fail to observe the rules and regulations of the Student Center, the University, or the State of Alabama
▼   Decorating Policy

The Student Center staff must approve all decorations for events.  Please keep the following in mind: 

  • Facilities may not be altered in any way
  • Painting, spraying, or construction of decorations is not permitted
  • Painter's tape is the only tape permitted for use on the walls
  • Duct tape can NOT be used on any surface! 
  • Push-pins and/or staples may not be used to attach materials to walls or ceilings. 
  • Tea light candles only, no other type of candles may be used.
▼   Financial and Forms


Requesting organizations may be required to furnish the University with specific provisions of insurance coverage for general and personal liability, property insurance or bond, workers compensation, and indemnification of the University from all lien bills.

External groups will be required to furnish the University with specific provisions of insurance coverage for: general and personal liability, property insurance or bond, workers compensation, and indemnification of the University from all lien bills. A quote can be attained from http://tulip.ajgrms.com.

Requesting organizations agree to insure, save and hold harmless and defend the University of South Alabama, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, acting officially or otherwise, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, debts and attorney fees, arising out of claims on account of or in any manner predicated on loss or damages to property of the University of South Alabama or injuries to or death of any individual, including but not limited to trustees, officers, employees or agents of the University of South Alabama, or others, which may occur within and on the property of the University, in connection with the aforesaid function. I, on behalf of the requesting organization, further waive any and all rights to bring suit against, file cause of action against, or otherwise se the University of South Alabama, its trustees, officers, employees and agents, acting officially or otherwise, from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, debts and attorney fees arising out of, claims on account of, or in any manner predicated on loss or damage to the requesting organization, property of same, participants, within the limits of the University of South Alabama in connection with the aforesaid event.

▼   Food and Catering


Aramark has exclusive catering rights to the University. Aramark may, at its sole discretion, provide written permission to organization/individual to bring their own food and/or beverages provided it is not catered by a third party. Organizations/individuals are responsible for cleaning any trash created; failure to do so may result in additional cleaning charges.

In the event Aramark allows a sponsor to provide food and/or beverages not catered by Aramark, the sponsor will be responsible for and will hold harmless and insure the University, its officers, trustees, servants and assigns, from any and all liability resulting from the serving of such food and/or beverage.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Student Center except under contract with Aramark. If alcoholic beverages are contracted, additional requirements must be met. For more information contact Aramark Catering at (251) 460-7948.

▼   Parking

Available parking spaces surrounding the Student Center maybe extremely limited, depending on the time of day, day of the week, or time of the year. Please refer to the campus parking map and advise your guests in advance of parking options.

The map can be found at Parking Services Map. Questions concerning parking should be directed to Parking Services at (251) 461-1481 or parkingservices@southalabama.edu.

▼   Security and Safety Policies


University of South Alabama Police Department (USAPD) officers must be procured at the expense of the requesting organization or university department based on the nature of the event. The University of South Alabama Student Center Administration will determine the nature of events.

One USAPD officer, per 100 people will be required with a charge of $30.00 per hour, per officer. These charges should be paid in advance to the University of South Alabama Student Center

Loitering in the parking lot or other areas of the Student Center during or after an event is strictly prohibited. USAPD reserves the right to call in additional officers, should the need warrant, at the fee stated above. No other security arrangement will be satisfactory for the activity covered in this agreement.


USA reserves the right to terminate a reservation, even if the activity is in progress, if:

  • Property or furnishings are being damaged as a result of the activity
  • The activity is endangering the health or safety of patrons
  • The activity is interfering with the processes of the University or infringing on the rights of others
  • Information given on the reservation request changes substantially without the expressed approval from the Student Center
  • To move the location of the event for practical reasons, including but not limited to safety and appropriateness of space

Requesting organizations agree to follow fire safety regulations and procedures, including the proper exit procedures, room capacity and room setup requirements. In the event there is a failure to meet such requirements and procedures, the Student Center may take appropriate action, including turning individuals away from the event or canceling the event, even if it is in progress.

Failure to follow all policies and procedures will result in denial of future reservations and/or payment for incurred damages.