Conference Travel

Attending and presenting at conferences is an excellent way for undergraduate researchers to hone their skills at scholarly communication.  It also offers the occasion to network with a community of scholars, stimulate new ideas, and discover new opportunities.

Your mentor can help you identify conferences that are appropriate venues to present your work.  You will likely need to submit an abstract to be reviewed for a presentation.  Once an abstract is accepted, students at the University of South Alabama have several avenues to find funding to cover conference travel costs:

  • Mentors may have funding included in grants for student travel
  • Students in SGA organizations can apply for supplemental travel grants (STGs) covering up to $500 in expenses
  • Academic departments can also apply for SGA-sponsored STGs
  • The Office of Undergraduate Research offers travel grants up to $300
    • The travel must be completed and the request for reimbursement must be made while the student is still enrolled. The request for reimbursement must be submitted within 30 days after the conference.

Travel Grant Request

Graduate Students can request travel funding from the Graduate School Graduate Student Activities Enhancement Program (GSAEP link)