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Discovery and Creation 

The University of South Alabama is a High Research Activity Institution according to the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. Hosting the largest and most diverse faculty in the University, the College of Arts and Sciences exemplifies the research activity and accomplishments that are required for this designation. With hundreds of scholarly publications, presentations, and performances, and millions of dollars in funded grants every year, A&S faculty have had a central role in making USA the leading research institution on the central gulf coast.

Explore our College’s research news, research areas, and research centers to discover what makes it such an exciting place to be.  

Research Resources for Faculty

University Resources

Office of the Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research coordinates research at a variety of stages, including pre-funding, post-funding, and compliance.

Sponsored Projects Administration

The Sponsored Projects Administration helps faculty find funding opportunities for research, and develop proposals and budgets for sponsored research.

Grants and Contracts Accounting

Grants and Contracts accounting monitors post-award accounting of sponsored research.

USA Faculty Development Council

The Faculty Development Council offers forums and supporting grants for graduate student and faculty research projects.

Undergraduate Research Office (OUR)

OUR promotes scholarly and creative activity at the undergraduate level. OUR programs include internships, funded fellowships for undergraduates, and support for extramural undergraduate research.

Research Administration in Arts and Sciences

Jamie Kendall is the Research Administrator for the College of Arts and Sciences and provides assistance to researchers to develop successful proposals and budgets. She is available to support research activities with such issues as pre and post award services, research compliance, and human subjects.

F&A Rate Agreement (Effective 1/22/2018)

Facilities and Administration Rate Agreement

FAQ for F&A Rates effective 1/22/2018

Arts and Sciences College Funding Sources

A & S Summer Professional Development Award

The ‘Summer Professional Develop Award’ is designed to stimulate the development of excellence in creative activity or research among Arts and Science faculty by providing time to think, design, create, and write.  While all tenured and tenure-track Arts and Sciences faculty members are eligible, preference is given to untenured tenure-track faculty members who have not previously received this award.  A call for proposals is generally made during the fall semester. 


A & S Support and Development Award 

The ‘Support and Development Award’ is designed to provide funding so that individual faculty, groups of faculty, or an entire department may pursue funding for:  1) travel expenses to conduct research or to attend a seminar or workshop, 2) to purchase research supplies, equipment, or software, 3) to invite guests for seminars, colloquia or exhibits, or 4) to fund an artistic production, page or publication charges. All tenured and tenure-track Arts and Sciences faculty members are eligible for this award.  A call for proposals is generally made during the fall semester. Call For Proposals.