Arts and Sciences Minors

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Most major programs in Arts and Sciences also require you to take a minor. A minor insures that you have extra classes, mostly at a higher (junior or senior) level, in an area outside of your primary focus. A minor gives your education greater depth. The exceptions to having a required minor are if you are pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, or a Bachelor of Music degree -- these majors do not need to have a minor.

Your minor should be in a program other than your major. Usually, this means your minor should be in a different department, although in some departments with multiple majors, such as Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work, your minor could be in another major in that department. Talk with your advisor for details

Check the list of minors in other colleges available to Arts and Sciences majors which are also listed below.

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Minors in Arts and Sciences

Department Minor (Bulletin Links)
Communication Advertising and Public Relations
English African-American Studies
Air Force Studies Air Force Studies
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Anthropology
Visual Art Studio Art
Visual Art Art History
Biology Biology
Philosophy Classics
Chemistry Chemistry
Communication Communication Studies
Earth Sciences Composite Sciences
Political Science and Criminal Justice Criminal Justice
Communication Digital Film and Television Production
Dramatic Arts Dramatic Arts
English English
Political Science/Criminal Justice Forensic Science
History Gender Studies
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Gerontology
Earth Sciences Geography
Earth Sciences Geology
History History
History Jewish and Holocaust Studies
Communication Journalism
History Museum Studies
International Studies International Studies
Marine and Environmental Sciences Marine Science
Modern and Classical Languages and Literature Linguistics
Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics
Earth Sciences Meteorology
Military Science Military Science
Music Music
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Native American Studies
Philosophy Philosophy
Philosophy Philosophy and Medicine
Physics Physics
Political Science and Criminal Justice Political Science
Psychology Psychology
Biology Related Sciences
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Sociology
Mathematics and Statistics Statistics

Minors in Other Colleges Available to Arts and Sciences Majors

College/Department Minor (Bulletin links)

Allied Health Professions

Biomedical Sciences

Emergency Medical Services

Computer and Information Sciences • Computer and Information Sciences Option
• Computer Science Option
• Information Systems Option
• Information Technology Option

Education/ Health, Kinesiology and Sport

Education/Integrative Studies

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Health and Wellness

Interdisciplinary Studies

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Mitchell College of Business Economics Minor
Mitchell College of Business General Business Minor
Mitchell College of Business General Management Minor
Mitchell College of Business Marketing Management Minor