Invest in Arts and Sciences

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The University of South Alabama College of Arts and Sciences is a regional leader in education and research in the fine arts, humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences. Yet, we always seek to improve, and to expand the range of students and communities we serve.

Private contributions are central to this effort. Working together with the USA Office of Development and Alumni Relations, the College of Arts and Sciences welcomes support for faculty, programs and, most importantly, our students.

View Arts and Sciences Scholarships or learn more about the value a degree in Arts and Sciences provides.

The Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative

During the University’s 50th Anniversary celebration, Abraham Mitchell announced the creation of the Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative. This initiative provides matching funds for contributions toward undergraduate scholarships. Contributions can include cash, employer matching funds, pledges, endowed gifts, and memorial gifts. An undergraduate scholarship can have an impact for generations, helping current and future USA students achieve their dream of attaining a high-quality undergraduate degree. The Mitchell-Moulton Scholarship Initiative provides an extraordinary opportunity for donors to turn those dreams into real college diplomas.