Academic Programs

With 24 undergraduate majors encompassing nearly 50 concentrations, and thirteen graduate degree programs, the USA College of Arts and Sciences offers opportunities to explore nearly anything you are passionate about.

▼   Majors, Major Concentrations, and Minors

Many Arts and Sciences majors offer specific concentrations within the major. For example, a Communication major may select from six concentrations, including Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, and Digital Cinema and Television. A Foreign Language major will concentrate in specific languages like French, Russian, or German. The USA Bulletin will indicate if your chosen major has concentrations, and what they are. Your advisor will then help you choose a concentration that best matches your interests and career goals.

Academic Advising & Transfer Services at USA, along with the Department in Arts and Sciences, have prepared Major Guides for all A&S Majors. Please click the link below to view them:

Major Guides for Arts and Sciences Majors

Most major programs in Arts and Sciences also require you to take a minor. A minor insures that you have extra classes, mostly at a higher (junior or senior) level, in an area outside of your primary focus. A minor gives your education greater depth. The exceptions to having a required minor are if you are pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, or a Bachelor of Music degree -- these majors do not need to have a minor. Your minor should be in a program other than your major. Usually, this means your minor should be in a different department.

Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Degrees Conferred

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts degree is designed to provide a flexible, well-rounded education, with a solid core in your chosen major and broad general education training through the General Education requirements and, for most majors, your chosen minor.

Bachelor of Arts Majors: Anthropology, Communication, Criminal Justice, Drama (also B.F.A.), English, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Geography, History, International Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Art or Art History (also B.F.A.). 

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

The Bachelor of Science degree provides a greater emphasis in the sciences that does the Bachelor of Arts. B.S. recipients also receive a solid grounding in General Education and, for most majors, interdisciplinary training through their chosen minor.

Bachelor of Science Majors: Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Meteorology, Physics.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Bachelor of Fine Arts recipients receive professional training in the fine arts, as well as specialist training in their chosen art concentration. They also receive interdisciplinary training through the General Education requirements.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Majors: Theatre Arts (also B.A.),Art or Art History (also B.A.).

Bachelor of Music (B.M.)

The Bachelor of Music degree provides professional training for careers in music performance, music education, and music business. Interdisciplinary training is provided through the required General Education core.

Bachelor of Music Major: Music

Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.)

The Bachelor of Social Work degree reflects professional training in the service and assistance of others. Degree recipients receive interdisciplinary training through the required General Education core.

Bachelor of Social Work Major: Social Work

▼   Arts and Sciences Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Programs

USA College of Arts and Sciences interdisciplinary programs offer students a special opportunity to study topic areas that span a wide range of academic disciplines. International Studies is an interdisciplinary major, while the other offerings are minors. 

 International Studies Major

The International Studies program offers a Bachelors Degree program to students seeking professional training in international studies, regional studies, international relations, and international business. 

International Studies Website                    

International Studies (BA) - Asian Studies Concentration

International Studies (BA) - European Studies Concentration

International Studies (BA) - Global Health Concentration

International Studies (BA) - International Relations Concentration

International Studies (BA) - Latin American Studies Concentration

International Studies (BA) - Middle East Studies Concentration

International Studies (BA) - Modern and Classical Languages and Literature/International Studies Double Major


African-American Studies Minor

The minor in African-American Studies investigates the experiences, origins, accomplishments, and contributions of people of African ancestry in the United States.

USA Bulletin for African-American Studies Minor


Composite Science Minor

The Composite Science minor offers a minor track for students seeking additional training in the biological, chemical, physical, and earth sciences.

USA Bulletin Information for Composite Sciences Minor


Forensic Science Minor

The minor in Forensic Science combines training in the social and physical sciences that together form the basis of forensics. 

Forensic Science Minor Website

USA Bulletin for Forensic Science Minor


Gender Studies Minor

The Gender Studies minor program offers the study of contemporary and historical gender theory and gender issues on a global level.

Gender Studies Website

USA Bulletin for Gender Studies Minor


Gerontology Minor

The minor in Gerontology investigates the human life-cycle, aging, and relationships between generations from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Gerontology Program Website

USA Bulletin for Gerontology Studies Minor


Museum Studies Minor

The Museum Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to the issues and ideas involved with the museum profession. 

Museum Studies Website

USA Bulletin Information for Museum Studies Minor 


Related Sciences Minor

The Related Sciences minor is intended for students seeking a minor focus in the areas of chemistry and geology.

USA Bulletin Information for Related Sciences Minor


Native American Studies Program

The Native American Studies Program is a meeting ground for scholars, students,  and thinkers committed to broadening our understanding of Native peoples and providing community for those with a like interest.

Native American Studies Program Website

▼   Undergraduate Certificate Programs in Arts and Sciences

 Some Arts and Sciences undergraduate degree programs offer additional training to help meet eligibility requirements for professional certifications. These include: