Information Systems Graduate Cyber Security Certificate

Requirements for a Graduate Certification in Cyber Security – Information Systems

Training cybersecurity professionals to support and defend our nation’s critical infrastructure continues to be crucial for the defense and health of our national economy.  Continued security breaches against these systems requires advanced educational training to combat these threats.  The goal of the graduate information systems cybersecurity certificate is to ensure educational relevancy in the identification and defense of current cyber threats to critical infrastructure in both the public and private sector.  The information systems certificate includes courses in information security, digital forensics, and network security as these have been deemed critical to the advancement of cybersecurity by the National Science Foundation.   

This certificate can be completed by both graduate-level degree and non-degree seeking students that have completed an appropriate computing undergraduate degree.  The coursework will require successful completion of five graduate level courses worth 3 credits each (15 total credits)  

The five courses required to attain this certificate are:

IS Cybersecurity Certificate Program Course Title Credit Hours
CYB 530 Information Assurance and IT Audit 3 hrs
CYB 535 Digital Forensic Analysis 3 hrs
CYB 538 Operating Systems Concepts and Security 3 hrs
CYB 540 Network Security Management 3 hrs
ISC 565 IS Project and Change Management 3 hrs