Mission Statement

Student Affairs Mission Statement (Rev. Nov. 2012) 

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing services and creating a supportive campus environment which fosters engagement, academic success, and personal development within a diverse community of learners.


Student Affairs Values (Created Jan. 2013)

Integrity; Diversity; Service; Excellence; Respect

Values Statements

  • Integrity
            “We model and practice the highest personal and professional standards, demonstrating ethical conduct in our work with all University community members.”

  • Diversity 
            “We are committed to supporting an equitable environment that respects and celebrates the diversity of people and thought.”

  • Service
             “We are dedicated to serving students in ways that contribute to their academic success, physical and psychological well-being, and personal development as responsible and contributing members of society”

  • Excellence
             “We seek to provide high quality services and educational programs and are committed to continuous improvement achieved through systematic assessment, collaboration, innovation, and professional development.”

  • Respect
             "We treat each individual with consideration, appreciation and courtesy.”


Student Affairs Vision Statement (Created Jan. 2013)

“The Division of Student Affairs at the University of South Alabama will be a full partner in the educational process.  As innovative practitioners, we will be leaders in student engagement, fostering dynamic and diverse communities that stimulate development and inspire students to positively impact society.”


Student Affairs Strategic Goals (Revised 2013)

  • Increase student engagement in university activities by providing and promoting quality services and programs (Key Measure: NSSE and CAS Standards).

  • Provide a safe, supportive, and civil environment for all students (Key Measure: Graduating Senior Survey, NSSE).

  • Support and retain a diverse community of learners to enhance campus life and create opportunities to develop students as ethical and responsible leaders who make positive impacts in the community (Key Measure: campus climate survey, retention and graduation numbers, diversity of student organizations and members, focus groups, and benchmarking with peer institutions)

  • Provide quality and accessible facilities to address growing service and programmatic needs of the university (Key Measure: user surveys and CAS Standards).

  •  Create curricular connections to support and facilitate academic success (Key Measure: number of collaborative programs between academic and student affairs, number of student affairs staff members who are also teaching courses).  

  • Increase undergraduate student retention by creating a more inclusive and supportive environment that fosters a sense of connectedness to the University. (Key Measures: Graduation rates, Retention rates).