Aleesha S. Palombo, M.Ed.

Aleesha S. Palombo, M.Ed.

Senior Instructor, Department of Health, Kinesiology and Spor
Special Courses Dance and Choreography, Aerobics, Theater Dance, Movement Education


B.A., Dance, University of South Florida, 1983
M.Ed., Physical Education, University of South Alabama, 1990

Teaching Philosophy

My credo is that “Anyone Can Dance.” My Philosophy of teaching is to instill the importance of movement. Through the development of proper techniques and an increased knowledge of dance and fundamental skills, students are capable of performing dance movements, variations and choreography. I feel that all individuals have the capability of performing dance movements at various technical degrees.

Students may continue to use their increased knowledge of dance as a means of individualized self- expression, exercise, performance or continued study.

“Dance is the only art wherein we ourselves are the stuff of which it is made.” ~ Kenneth Gismon.
“Everyone is capable of learning to Dance……. Free-style or technical.” “Movement is Freedom of Self -Expression.” “To Move is To Dance.“ “Movement – Dance can be Therapeutic.” ~ Aleesha S. Palombo

My teaching goal is to build self-esteem and technically challenge the students through class participation. Student motivation is increased through individual and group self- expression and exploratory activities. Students progress will be evaluated at individual technical levels.


My research is centered around university semester dance performances as well as additional requested performances in the community. I am responsible for the selection, research and development of each performance theme. The performance responsibilities include: Performance theme and development research, choreography, selection of music and costuming, teaching and perfecting of choreography, scheduling of performance dates, locations and rehearsal times, assisting students with individual choreography, downloading performance music, and editing of programs and publicity.


I am the advisor for the University of South Alabama - Department of HPELS (performance troupe), Dance USA and the student organization, Jazzin’ Jags, as well as a Reach to Recovery Volunteer for the American Cancer Society.


I have always loved to dance as far back as I can remember… with or without music… constantly moving, choreographing and performing for anyone that would watch.

My dance training began overseas in France at the age of 2. I was barely mastering my technique of walking when my first dance instructor put me into a pair of pointe shoes. Through the years ahead, I continued my love for music, musicals, movies with dance choreography and training in all genres of dance. “Being an Air Force brat”, we were constantly being transferred and that began my cross training of dance instructors, styles and techniques. Which I feel was to my advantage!

Dance training continued through my college years and still continues today. “The continuation of study, training, and education is very important for growth and renewal of your art! It challenges and revitalizes you”! My formal training and study of choreography began in High School and is a continuous study through each choreographic piece that I master. “Dance choreography is an ever changing palette, it is everlasting and always a challenge”.

Teaching began in high school as an instructor assistant. My study and experience in this area of training continued through my undergraduate and graduate college years. The development and knowledge of teaching grew through my study of college courses, national organization training, testing - membership, and teaching experiences offered through dance internships, assistantships, teaching positions as graduate assistant, part and full time studio instructor, workshop instructor, dance company choreographer – instructor, college adjunct and studio co-owner and director.

Throughout my entire career, the part that I love the most is being able to challenge students whether they have zero dance experience or are professionals and to see the joy that the love for dance expresses!



PE 103 - Water Aerobics
PE 108 - Ballroom Dance
PE 109 - Swing Dance
PE 110 - Dance Combination
PE 110 - Intermediate Ballet
PE 110 - Intermediate Ballroom
PE 110 - Cajun Dance
PE 110 - Lyrical - Contemporary
PE 110 - Praise – Worship Dance
PE 110 - Swing Dance
PE 110 - Tap Dance
PE 110 - Urban Line – Mixer
PE 112 - Latin Dance
PE 113 - Creative Dance
PE 114 - Aerobics
PE 115 - Ballroom / Latin Dance
PE 115 - Ballroom / Swing Dance
PE 116 - Cajun / Swing Dance
PE 117 - Ballet
PE 118 - Jazz Dance
PE 119 - Modern Dance
PE 124 - Latin / Swing Dance
PE 127 - Country Western / Partner Dance
PE 128 - Dance Performance
PE 129 - Folk and Square Dance
PE 166 - Movement, Rhythms and Developmental Activities
HS 365 - HPE Curriculum / Methods for Elementary Teachers