Physical Activity Program

  • Male student kayaking
  • Two female students jogging
  • A female student pulling a exercise band


The Department of Health, Kinesiology, and Sport (HKS) coordinates the Physical Activity Course Program as a non-degree service program for all University of South Alabama students with the knowledge and experience to make appropriate decisions regarding present and future physically active lifestyles. We help individuals develop an appreciation and commitment to physical activity so they have the opportunity to live healthy lives.

What We Offer

Recognizing individual interests and abilities, the program provides courses covering a wide variety of physical activities. We make an effort to address contemporary trends and student interests. The courses provide instruction in rules, terminology, strategy, and skill and fitness development. Offerings may include but are not limited to classes in the areas of: aquatics, dance, fitness, lifetime sports, martial arts, mind/body, outdoor activities, resistance training, individual sports, and team sports.


Students receive one academic credit for successful completion of a Physical Activity Course and take the class for a letter grade. Department of HKS students are required to complete activity courses as part of their degree requirements and should consult their academic advisor to determine which and how many activity courses are required in their academic program.

Class Schedule

Classes meet based on day and time during the regular fall, spring, and summer terms. Day-time and some evening classes generally meet two days a week on a Monday-Wednesday and Tuesday-Thursday schedule. Weekend classes generally meet one day per week. Activity courses do not meet during finals week.


Physical Activity courses are taught by full time faculty in the Department of Health, Kinesiology and Sport, part time instructors, graduate assistants, athletic coaches, and professionals in the community.

Physical Activity Courses

▼   Cardio and Strength
  • PE 102 Weight Training
  • PE 103 (Varies upon Section)
    • Cardio Mix
    • Indoor Cycling
  • PE 114 Aerobics
  • PE 132 Step Aerobics
  • PE 133 Muscle Toning and Conditioning
  • PE 145 Jogging
▼    Dance
  • PE 108 Ballroom
  • PE 110 (Varies upon Section)
    • Dance Combo
    • Urban Line and Mixer
    • Tap Dance
    • Lyrical Contemporary
  • PE 112 Latin Dancing
  • PE 115 Ballroom and Swing
  • PE 117 Ballet
  • PE 118 Jazz
▼   Golf
  • PE 103 Disc Golf
  • PE 121 Basic Golf
  • PE 148 Intermediate Golf
▼   Gymnastics
  • PE 106 Gymnastics
▼   Martial Arts
  • PE 134 Karate I
  • PE 135 Karate II
  • PE 155 (Varies upon Section)
    • Aikido
    • Soo Bakh Do
▼   Mind Body Fitness
  • PE 101 Pilates
  • PE 103 Yoga
▼   Specialty Activities
  • PE 101 (Varies upon Section)
    • Self-Defense/Women
    • Wii Fit
    • Mountain Biking
    • Badminton
  • PE 103 Table Tennis
▼   Sports
  • PE 122 Bowling
  • PE 142 Volleyball
  • PE 143 Basketball
▼   Swimming
  • PE 130 Beginner Swimming
  • PE 131 Intermediate Swimming
▼   Tennis and Racquetball
  • PE 120 Basic Tennis
  • PE 147 Racquetball