Jaguar Drumline

Jag drum line at game.


The Jag Drumline fields a full marching percussion section (snares, tenors, bass drums, and cymbals) and boasts a modern playing and arranging style. All members are chosen by audition and receive a scholarship.  The USA Jag Drumline is under the direction of Dr. Brian Nozny. and Mr. Jared Messinger.

You do not have to be a music major or minor to participate in the marching band. All percussionists must audition for the Jag Drumline. Percussionists accepted as a music major or minor into the USA Department of Music and USA Percussion Studio are automatically placed on the Jag’ Drumline, though they must audition to determine instrument placement.

Every percussionist who gains membership in the USA Jaguar Marching Band will receive a $2100 annual scholarship, renewable each year the member successfully re-auditions for the JDL. Scholarships increase by $200.00 for each year of service in the Jaguar Marching Band.


The Jag’ Drumline is sponsored by Pearl percussion instruments, Remo drumheads, Vic Firth sticks and mallets, and Zildjian cymbals.  The JDL marches custom shells, chrome hardware, red-sparkle drums and Stadium Series cymbals.  JDL will field up to 8 snares, 4 tenors, 5 bass drums, and 10 cymbals.  NOTE: ALL sticks and bass drum mallets are provided for JDL members by the USA Marching Band and supporting sponsors. You WILL need to bring your own sticks for auditioning purposes with the exception of those auditioning for bass drum.