A college student's time and efforts are limited and valuable. Therefore, the USA Jaguar Marching Band provides scholarships to all of its members. All scholarships are renewable for up to four years of service. In addition, students do no fundraising and pay no fees beyond the tuition bill for the one credit-hour class. In order to receive their scholarship, students must be enrolled in at least 15 semester hours and maintain an institutional grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Scholarship recipients may take an unbalanced load with the understanding that they meet 30 total earned credit hours per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer). 
Jaguar Marching Band scholarships are considered institutional aid.  Institutional aid can be applied to any University of South Alabama (institutional) charge. These include tuition, fees, on-campus housing, meal plans through USA Dining, and textbook purchases through the USA on-campus bookstore.


Marching Band PracticeAll members of the Jaguar Marching Band receive a scholarship, and scholarships are allotted to students based on talent and need. The starting scholarship for wind players is a $1600 annual renewable amount.  Scholarship awards vary based upon your audition, instrumentation needs, leadership responsibilities, and other applicable factors.  
Color Guard members receive a $2100 annual renewable scholarship. Members of the Jaguar Drumline earn a $2100 annual renewable scholarship.  Scholarships for Color Guard and Jaguar Drumline increase $250 per year for each year of service to the Jaguar Marching Band (up to four years). 
All wind playing members of the ensemble must be heard in an audition by a faculty panel from the Department of Music. All color guard and drumline members must audition at the on-campus audition date(s). For more information, read more about joining the Marching Band


The USA Marching Band's Drum Major position is rewarded with a $7500 scholarship yearly scholarship, renewable for up to four years of service to the Jaguar Marching Band. Two drum majors are selected from within the Jaguar Marching Band and must have marched at least one year in the JMB. 


The USA Marching Band's feature twirler position is rewarded with a $7500 renewable scholarship, for up to four years of service to the Jaguar Marching Band. Our feature twirler is selected from a nationwide pool of video applicants. In any given year, the USA Marching Band reserves the right to select no finalists and/or no feature twirler if no applicant is deemed an appropriate candidate.  For more information, read more about joining the Marching Band.


JMB ManagersThe Marching Band employs the help of ten managers to help with logistics, equipment transport, and other tasks which enable a successful season. Each band manager receives a $1500 scholarship for their time and efforts and is a full member of the JMB. Students interested in this award should contact Dr. Will Petersen, Director of Bands at USA. Performing members of the Marching Band are not eligible for these positions.