Ph.D. in Computing Program

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Doctor of Philosophy  in Computing 

The School of Computing began offering the Ph.D. in Computing degree program in 2015. The first graduates are scheduled to graduate in 2018. The interdisciplinary PhD program integrates coursework and research projects from the three related disciplines: computer science, information systems, and information technology. The program emphasizes advanced discovery and the development of solutions to research-focused problems in the areas of cyber assurance, risk assessment, forensics, and data analytics. Ph.D. graduates are qualified for research positions in academia, industry, and government.

Current School of Computing PhD Students 

  • Mr. Brandon Bagett 
  • Mr. Dhanasak Bhumichai 
  • Mr. Reeve Cabral 
  • Mr. Russell Cantrell 
  • Mr. Austin Carr 
  • Mr. Tristan Clark 
  • Mr. Ricky Green 
  • Mr. Jeffrey Holified 
  • Mr. Pawan Kirki 
  • Ms. Lorelei Koory 
  • Ms. Yuwei Lu 
  • Mr. Daniel Miller
  • Mr. Anthony Monge
  • Mr. Nelson Navas 
  • Mr. Naveen Reddy Pendli 
  • Mr. Matthew Peterson
  • Ms. Barbara Pilate
  • Mr. Anwar Rassoul 
  • Mr. Ralf Reidel
  • Mr. Sam Russel 
  • Mr. Timothy Smith 
  • Ms. Krista Stacey 
  • Mr. Mahesh Sunuwar 
  • Mr. Kolitha Warnakulasooriya
  • Ms. Melody Wilkinson