C-STEM Education

K-12 Partner School Program
In 2012 SoC established a K-12 partner school program to advance Cyber-STEM research, education, and familiarization through local schools. This includes examining techniques for adoption by students in underrepresented groups and improving computing proficiency for K-12 teachers. Outreach activities include whole-grade, grade-appropriate hands-on learning lab activities, robotics camps, and faculty mentoring at select local high schools.

GenCyber Summer Camp
In 2015 and 2016, the conducted a week-long grant-funded GenCyber Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Summer Camp. The five day camp for rising ninth graders includes 35 hours consisting of both instruction and hands-on activities. The overall goal is to increase cybersecurity awareness and create long-term interest by introducing students to a wide range of cybersecurity issues.

Team-Based Learning
In 2012, two SoC faculty members adopted the Team-Based Learning pedagogy for use in their courses. Both educators were attracted to the use of TBL by the mission of the university’s new quality enhancement program, or QEP.  Mandated by the university’s regional accreditation agency, the QEP is a program that must be broad-based and designed to improve student learning. USA chose team-based learning (TBL), targeted for improving students’ collaboration and critical thinking skills, especially in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. The instructors found that students were more engaged from the first class day when using TBL. SoC plans to convert a lecture-based classroom into a TBL-friendly room with movable desks and portable computer stations.

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