College of Medicine Admissions

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) Program

Students from USA's M.D. ProgramThe M.D. Program at the University of South Alabama awards the Doctor of Medicine Degree. The educational design of the M.D. program is a competency-based curriculum across all four years, with the first two years of medical school comprising an integrated organ systems-based approach. The first two years are largely taught on the main campus of the University in the Medical Sciences Building and the adjacent Active Learning Center. The last two years of medical school are held in the University of South Alabama Hospitals and Care Centers, as well as in offices of community physicians, and expand the students’ education in the surrounds of full-time patient care.


Ph.D. in Basic Medical Sciences Program

A student and mentors from USA's Ph.D. porgramThis program is designed for students interested in careers in biomedical investigation. The program provides training which can lead to academic careers, or to a wide variety of research or administrative positions in government, non-profit or industry settings. It combines an interdisciplinary core curriculum, advanced coursework and original research, and is designed to give students a broad interdisciplinary base and flexibility. Research training and advanced study are offered in seven formal advanced programs. Students have excellent opportunities for one-on-one interaction with faculty and excellent research training with nationally funded and recognized investigators.