Application Timeline


You have probably been considering medical school for a while. This is a general timeline of actions required to launch your plans for medical school. Many details of the application process are not discussed here. It is wise to consult your pre-med college advisor before getting started.

 Timeline Event/Deadline
January - September
  • This is the preferred time to take the MCAT if you want to apply for the upcoming application cycle.
  • Early Decision applicants should take the MCAT no later than July in order to receive a score by the EDP application deadline date.
May 2024
  • AMCAS application opens.
June 2024
  • AMCAS application can be submitted.
August 1, 2024
  • Early Decision AMCAS application deadline
  • AMCAS transcript deadline
September 3, 2024
  • Early Decision secondary application deadline
September - March
  • Applicants are selected to interview.
November 1, 2024
  • AMCAS application deadline
November 15, 2024
  • AMCAS transcript deadline
December 1, 2024
  • Secondary application deadline
February 2025
April 2025
  • Applicants who have not been accepted will be placed on the wait list or rejected.
April 15, 2025
  • AAMC Application and Acceptance Protocols recommend accepted students narrow their acceptances to three medical schools.
April 30, 2025
  • $100 deposit due from all accepted students
May 1, 2025
  • Accepted applicants are encouraged to use the AMCAS Choose Your Medical School Tool to indicate their "Plan to Enroll" or "Commit to Enroll" preference.
July 14, 2025
  • Accepted students are required to use the Choose Your Medical School tool to select the "Commit to Enroll" option and withdraw from all other programs. Failure to do so may result in withdrawal from the incoming class.


Acceptances will begin being offered on a rolling basis starting in mid-November. Accepted applicants will be notified via email and expected to respond within a designated time frame. Interviewed applicants who do not received an acceptance are placed on hold and will remain under consideration until otherwise notified.

Deferred Admission

It is possible, under special circumstances, for an applicant who is offered a position in the freshman class of the College of Medicine to request a deferral of the start of their medical studies for one or two years. A written request which describes the reason for the deferral should be received by the Office of Admissions no later than June 1. Approval of a request to defer will be based on the perceived validity of the reasons set forth by the student.  Deferred applicants may not seek nor accept admission at any other school for the deferred entering class year.