11.0 Definitions and Abbreviations

ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act

Department: Department, for layoff purposes, is defined as a budgetary unit with a unique organizational (ORGN) number. Department also identifies an employee’s home department.

Externally Funded Position: A position funded externally by sources other than a grant, with a defined project scope and timeline.

EEO: Equal Employment Opportunity

FLSA: Fair Labor Standards Act

FTE (Full-Time Equivalent): The percentage of a full-time position routinely worked.

Grant Funded Position: A position that is funded by a grant.

Layoff: A separation of employment due to, but not limited to, the abolishment of a position or positions necessitated by a shortage of funds, lack of work or a material change in the duties of the position, or an organizational change in a department or division. 

OJI – On-the-job injury.

Probationary Employee: A staff employee who has not completed a probationary period, normally defined as the first six months of employment, but may be longer, or a three-month probationary period required when a staff employee transfers to a new department.

Recall: The action of a staff employee returning to work in the same position within one year of being laid off. 

Regular Employee: An employee in a budgeted position.

Seniority Date: The most recent date of hire as an employee without a break in service. Student employment is not applicable in determining seniority date.

Staff Employee: An employee in a non-faculty and non-executive/administrative/managerial type position is considered staff.

Temporary Employee: An employee in a non-budgeted position.