4.12 State Ethics Law & Gifts

The Alabama Ethics Commission generally deals with issues involving conflicts of interest, or the use of office for personal gain, on the part of public officials and public employees in Alabama. University employees are prohibited from soliciting gifts, or any item for personal gain, from outside vendors, applicants, or visitors. All gifts, other than those of de minimis value, may not be accepted by an employee. An infraction relating to State Ethics Law may be grounds for disciplinary action by the University, up to and including termination. 

The Alabama Ethics Commission requires some employees to complete and submit a Statement of Economic Interests form annually. Human Resources will notify employees who are required to submit a Statement of Economic Interests form to the Alabama Ethics Commission.

Information about the Alabama Ethics Commission is available at Alabama Ethics Commission (www.ethics.alabama.gov). Please consult with the Associate Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer (or designee) regarding information relating to the Alabama Ethics Commission.