1.2 Purpose

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide University of South Alabama and USA Health personnel policies and procedures for employees. Employees and supervisors should become familiar with these policies and procedures and use the Handbook as a resource.  

Staff employees are employees who occupy secretarial/clerical, crafts/trades, technical, professional, and service positions. Department heads, other administrative personnel, and faculty are not considered staff, and though the provisions of this Handbook do not necessarily apply to them, the Handbook may be used as a guideline. The Faculty Handbook applies specifically to faculty, and in instances where the content for a specific topic is presented in both handbooks, the Faculty Handbook content will prevail for faculty. 

Many matters covered by this Handbook, such as benefit plan descriptions, are also described in separate University Plan documents. These documents are always controlling over any statement made in this Handbook or by any member of management. Some topics in this Handbook may apply uniquely to either University General Division (campus) employees, or USA Health employees, and will be specified as such. 

This Handbook states only general University guidelines. Though efforts will be made to update the Handbook as changes occur, the University may modify or vary from this Handbook with or without prior notification.

This Staff Employee Handbook supersedes all prior Staff Employee Handbooks. It is a summary of relevant University policies and procedures and in cases of conflict, the latest policy will prevail.  Many of the policies referenced in this handbook are linked to the University’s Policy Library