2.4 Personal Data

The information contained in your personnel file is confidential and the contents of your file will be made known only to you, your supervisor and other appropriate persons within the University who must have access to that information to make appropriate decisions. It is used, for example, in evaluating your work performance, consideration for a promotion or transfer, etc.

Further, information in your personnel file may be provided to other agencies, entities or individuals as required by federal or state laws and regulations and/or court orders and/or subpoenas. Your information, including your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and license number or national provider identifier-NPI (if applicable) may also be used by USA (and its applicable third-party vendors) to verify eligibility for hire and legal status to work in Federally funded healthcare programs and to meet other similar legal and regulatory verification requirements of USA.  

You may contact Human Resources to view your personnel file at any time during regular business hours. An employee may receive, upon written request, a copy of their personnel file at the expense of the employee. The cost includes $1.00 per page for the first 50 pages and $.25 for each page after that.

All outside inquiries for routine information concerning current or former employees of the University must be referred to Human Resources.

Human Resources utilizes The Work Number to provide automated verification of employment and verification of income for current and former employees. Verification of employment includes dates of employment, position title, and employment status.

Employees should access the Personal Access Web System (PAWS) to view or change the following:

  • Personal Information (with some update capability)
  • Electronic Time Sheet or Leave Report (for view and submission, all University General employees and all exempt/salaried USA Health employees only)
  • Benefits and Deductions Information
  • Pay Information (direct deposit allocations, earnings and deductions history, and pay stubs)
  • Tax Forms (W4 and A4 information, W2 Form)
  • Leave Balances and Leave History
  • Job Summary (Employee Job Titles and Begin/End Dates)

Electronic personnel actions forms are also accessed through PAWS based on security.

Employees should report changes affecting benefits to Human Resources. Qualifying life events, such as marriage, divorce, birth of a child, or adoption should be reported to Human Resources and the required forms completed within 30 days of the qualifying event in order to make changes to insurance coverage outside of Open Enrollment. You are required to report when a covered dependent is no longer eligible for coverage, for reasons such as age, marriage, or divorce.