4.9 Drug Free Workplace and Substance Use Disorder Prevention Program

The University’s Substance Use Disorder Prevention Program is committed to providing the University of South Alabama community with educational and prevention programs related to substance abuse. By providing counseling, outreach programs, and consultation services, the Program strives to increase knowledge and awareness of alcohol and other drug issues and decrease the negative consequences associated with high-risk drinking and illegal drug use.

Unlawful use of a controlled substance is prohibited on University premises, and violation of this policy can subject an employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. You must notify the University of any criminal drug conviction or a violation of this policy occurring in the workplace not later than five days after such conviction or violation. The University can communicate this conviction to the federal or state agency governing the employee’s license or privilege to work in a certain field, and you, as a condition of employment, waive all claims that may arise from conveying this information to the said agency.

The University reserves the right to identify certain job classifications that require satisfactory results of pre-employment, random and for cause drug and alcohol testing.

For University General Division faculty and staff, refer to the University’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program Statement of Policy for more details. 

USA Health employees: refer to USA Health’s Drug & Alcohol Testing policy for more details.